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Thinking and acting for the ophthalmic surgical purpose

From practice – for practice

When developing our innovative operating room equipment, we always focus on the direct benefit of our target group. That is why we design our practice-oriented products in close cooperation with internationally renowned ophthalmic surgeons. The extremely high patient throughput in this medical specialty as well as the global use of our devices require service-friendly technology with ergonomic refinements, combined with the highest quality and robustness.


time and cost efficient

Optimized workflow for efficient OR management

The use of several mobile treatment chairs from UFSK-OSYS enables time- and cost-efficient surgery according to the rotation principle. While one patient is being operated on, another is being prepared for surgery and another can wake up relaxed – without the patients having to be repositioned or get up. In this way, your OR is free again for the next treatment in the shortest possible time. This not only reduces the physical strain on your staff, but also improves patient comfort.


prepare, operate, recover on one chair

Surgery according to the principle of rotation

Thanks to the mobility of UFSK-OSYS treatment chairs, patients can be pushed directly from the preparation room into the operating room – without having to get up. After surgery, patients can be taken to the recovery room on the same chair. This quickly frees up your operating theater for the next patient. What better guarantee for a high patient turnover – while saving you time and money!

UFSK International OSYS GmbH
UFSK International OSYS GmbH
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